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Jul 25, 2013
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I'm into my third week of level 2 beauty - I'm enjoying it but god there are some time-wasters in my classes - that's getting annoying! :evil:

Anyway - we are about to get assessed for our eye treatments and I'm hoping I will pass the shape and tint elements - I think I need a little more practice of false eyelashes (fiddling things!) If I pass the unit - am I then able to carry out that service to paying customers? I thought I would have to pass the whole course first.

When do I need to get student insurance?

Also, the college offers a number of enhancement course i.e. IBD gel polish (not sure of cost) and Geniex Spray tan for £35. I don't know anything about these brands. Are these okay? If I did the course (which I understand is reduced for student (cost)) could I then buy any brand i.e. Sienna X and just carry out treatments without any further brand specific training or would geeks recommend ignoring the college courses and saving a little more money and doing leading brand training?

Thanks guys!
Hi :) i am also in my 3rd week of L2 Beauty. I have my first assessment on brow shaping/brow tinting & lash tint/false eyelash application next week :D exciting!

As far as i am aware, you can get student insurance from when you first start college. Obviously you would need this if you were practising outside of your college.

I have heard of the brands but when i did my spray tanning training, it was with a different brand, so not sure if they are any good as never used them. I was also advised that i would be able to use other brands, just to read up on product info etc x
Not sure on the treatment bit but
When i was in college we had a lot of time wasters and we couldn't move on until they had finished their bit x
In the end because we was waiting 3 plus or them to complete our tutor would let us practise L&P and stuff like that x

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