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Jan 1, 2006
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fixed back geek !
Hello guys

So nice to be back after my surgery and my set back of spinal fluid leaking through my muscles. Mmm delish! So many threads to catch up on now I willl be reading forever, Thanks for all my birthday wishes too while I was away. Unfortunately that is the day I ended up back in hospital so there were no celebrations here. Does that mean cos I didn't celebrate I am still 41 ?????
Glad you're back on your feet, :hug:

Hope you have joined up to the STSS.
Welcome back Gemma xx
Hi there Gemma:)
So glad that you are up and well again:hug:
have a lovely day geeking through what you have missed.:)
take care and best wishesxxxxxxxxxxx:hug:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Welcome back, hope you're feeling better soon.:hug:
Glad to have you back hun.:hug:

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