I'm buying a sunbed shop & need advice please

I'm taking over the lease of a tanning salon & buying the business. I will have 2 Ergoline 660 affinity beds that are 6 years old & no other equipment. They have built up the business over the last 6 years but have NO books to show me takings! What should I be paying for this business?? I think I'm being asked too much but want to get some feedback from you guys please x

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I wouldn't do anything until you see their books! Does the business own the beds or lease them? Get some professional advice xx
They don't keep books:-( they obviously write down people's names as they use the beds but no proper accounts. I know the salon & it does get busy in there. The beds are owned by them & I have checked that the finance has been paid off x


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Sorry.....but that's no business. :eek:......

I bet hmrc don't even know it's trading.


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I agree , No books no business!


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What does your legal adviser recommend? Don't even consider buying a business until you've had professional advice.


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No books = £0 business
You can pay for the stock at its market value but if they can't show you any figures, then it's a £0 business I'm afraid.