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Mar 24, 2012
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south wales
i just had to come on here and tell everyone that i'm in love unfortunately not a hunky man but just as good Brisa Gels!

I've been using various other gels and kept changing as i just couldn't get on with them they didn't last well or colours weren't nice, tips were rubbish, glue didnt stay etc, so after reading all the great things on here about Brisa I thought I'd try it!

I've just been practicing on my nail trainer but its just amazing the colour, consistency everything. I've been doing Shellac for quits a while now as well so I'm in love with that as well so I am truly converted and will forever more be a CND girl!

I ordered it Friday and it was here this morning exactly when expected so delivery and customer service is amazing!

Basically I just want to say to anyone thinking of using cheaper products or training don't! I've spent so much on other products trying them all out to find goods ones and its cost so much and the products weren't that much cheaper then Brisa anyway! I'm not saying all other brands are rubbish I'm just saying for the money, customer service, training etc CND are amazing!

Hope that helps anyone trying to decide what products or training to do!

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