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Jul 20, 2003
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Hey ya'll,
This is my first time visiting this site and I find it very informative. BUT evidently you all can get more Creative training than I can. I've never heard of Creative conversion or any of this additional month long or year long traing. Is it through Creative Nail Design? In California USA? I live in rural Georgia and am apprenticing in a small beauty shop. REAL training here is hundreds of miles away. I have had a CND educator come and do a class with me and next month they are having a Master Academy Class close by but it's 2 days...I'm just curious about all the differences.
thanks in advance.
Hey Lara, welcome to the site.

Creative conversion courses are an international course designed to qualify existing nail techs who have other product line training.
The key reason for this is because the US is the only 'licensed' country.
Internationally, anyone can start doing nails without any training and the training that does exist can be 'suspect' at times, so CND (and other manufacturers) utilise the conversion course to ensure that basic safety, sanitation and application procedures are adhered to before being able to buy the product line.

One of the pains to education in the states compared to say... the UK... is that the UK is a small place with a high concentration of techs... in other words... you never really have to travel far to do training. In the US... you may have to travel to another State in order to get some of the training you are after.
The 2 day Masters events are a must if you can go... they are the master classes put into 2 intensive hands on days and can make a huge difference in the quality of your work.
In the UK, we don’t do the 2 day event, and our Masters are tailored to our customers... but essentially can be considered the same.
If we were to cram our Masters into an event, it would more likely be 4 days. ;)

Hope this helps... look forward to your posts.
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