I'm starting to do manis/pedis at homes


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lisa caputo

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Oct 10, 2006
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can anybody suggest how to set up a mani or pedi at someones house ive never seen. i bring my portable table with me to do a mani but im more concerned with setting the customer higher than me so i can be proper alignment so i dont hurt my back. if they sit on the couch i will be on top of them before you know it,im sure. and its hard on me having to put their feet in my lap,even though thats sort of the job description i know. anybody had any success before?
When I finished school, for about 5 months I did "house calls". Not to be negative, but they are a lot of work. I found that bringing a hydrolic rolling stool saved my back. I had one in my garage that could go really low to work on cars. I would sit on the stool and adjust it and the table to the clients level. Also, don't feel as though the client must sit on the sofa; use a dinning chair with a couple pillows for comfort. Also, with pedis, definately invest in a pedi-pal; Kayline makes a great one. You sit at one end and it has a rest for the foot. We had them in school. Sometimes you can even find ones that have a footbath built in. Lifesaver for the home jobs. Remember, a wrist or back injury means no more money for you! You are setting up your business, just in their home; you come first before the client when it comes to ergonomics.
thanks for that info.i think ill go to pep boys tomorrow for a stool that adjusts.
I would definitely make sure that you have something like the stool as suggested. I once had a client say that she had a a very good table and seating for me to be able to do a full set of tips and overlay. When I got there she was on the setee whilst I had to sit on the coffee table. I still don't know how I managed but obviously I never did that again! :eek:

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