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Jan 30, 2007
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South Coast. UK
One of my long term clients has asked me to do massage and a mani and pedi on her mum in law who has had 2 strokes since last Christmas
Am I right in requesting a doctors note before proceeding with any of the above? My client only has her mil’s best interests at heart but I am concerned ... I booked the mani pedi in last night as it was late and my client was asking me just after I’d given her a massage and she was super relaxed after a traumatic day at hospital with her daughter and I didn’t have the heart to argue and appear to be difficult but am going to message her today.
While the massage could be beneficial as she says, I’m extremely worried
Just looking for confirmation I’m doing the right thing here
Would you even do just nails and toes without a doctors note?
Thank you
Yes you should seek permission for any work you do on her, because it's a contra indication to treatment and "recent."

I have had similar experience only last week and I requested that the lady contact her GP or nurse to give consent.
Her stroke was over a year ago, so she had the conversation with her GP and agreed that she would be ok for a pedicure and express facial (no massage) - I will not be getting a note because they had the conversation. I will add a sentence with the date of the conversation onto her consultation card to confirm that permission has been sought.

My client may not anywhere near as be as poorly as yours, but all the same she had a small stroke and is on medications permanently. The fact that mine is active and has actually returned to the gym means her illness is not the same as maybe your clients'. I would not massage her though because of the blood thinners and risk of bruising /bleeding.

The concern today is that covid 19 can have a catastrophic end result with a client such as her, so the benefits must outweigh the risks.
The duty of care to your client is paramount in your mind otherwise you wouldn't be asking. Plus a very early morning post looks like you are worried to death about it! Poor you.

My client is having the first appointment on a Monday morning.....I am closed fri/sat/sun so the salon is as "clean " as I can make it.
If you are in doubt , a call to your insurers would be a good idea. Or follow your gut instinct and say "No"
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I would definitely not do any massage on a client who has had strokes, especially so recently. The risk is that you move an embolism (small blood clot) which then travels round the blood circulation and will get stuck in a smaller blood vessel or capillary. If this happens in the brain, the client has a 'stroke'. If this happens in the heart, the client has a myocardial infarction (heart attack).

I would guess that the client has been on put some sort of blood thinning treatment too so this will make them more prone to bruising - another CI to massage.

I'm sure the client would love her nails painted though and it would cheer her up enormously! Stick to normal polish as if the client has to go for a check up they can't measure the oxygen perfusion through gel. Normal polish would be quick to take off on the finger they want to use.

Hope this helps,

(an ex-nurse...)

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