I'm thinking about getting minx... some questions help pls!


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Apr 9, 2008
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I'm thinking about getting minx ready for christmas. I have a couple of questions.
Do you do hands and feet? I read on here somewhere that minx on hands only lasts a couple of days :irked:
Can you put a gel or gelish over the top to make it last longer?
How much is the average price?
How long does it take to apply?
Is it best to get from sweet squared? I don't currently buy from them.
Thank you!!
I buy from S2. Would highly recommend! Great customer service and very quick delivery.
I apply Shellac base and topcoat over minx fingers and easily get 2 weeks wear. Toes last at least 6 weeks without anything over it.
Takes approx. 30-45mins to apply depending on prep required.
Prices vary from town to town, best to do some market research in your area.
Had lots of interest for Christmas. Let's hope it's going to be a busy season! .x.
You will learn so much from the Minx Lovers Groùp. Join it now by clicking on groups up above and then JOIN!! And remember, there is more than the front page of threads to read .. pages and pages and hundreds of photos of peeps work.

Minxing is great and loads of fun ... what's kept you so long Lauren?? :lol:

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