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Sep 15, 2013
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Does anybody know of anywhere to get a good image for my flyers for Hair Extensions? I want a professional photograph, not like the before and after images is that makes sense.

I've emailed all of my suppliers and only one has got back to me! Not impressed at all! And the one that has got back has given me before/after photos, which I already have my own.

Thanks in advance!

Emily :) xx
They are very widely available on the internet to buy. Shutterstock (google them) are one of many many stock photo suppliers. Prices range from £1-10 on average depending on size and supplier. I always recommend getting the biggest and shrinking it down for the best quality.
I use dreamtime for all mine and you buy a block of credit and each image has a unit cost depending on the size you want.
You can also access free images from the site stock.xchng

You might need to resize images. In this case you can use the free software Gimp ( I was told by my designer guru buddy to resize to 1024 x 768
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There is no such thing as free stock photos. If you haven't bought it then you haven't got the license to use it therefore you are breaking copyright.
To be fair Cholo is right- the stock images on The Leading Source Of Free Stock Photos - stock.xchng ARE free.

They're just not very good for the kind of leaflets the OP wants.

It's a site owned by istock that is used, mainly, by amateur photographers hoping to get an "in" into the stock images market.

However, the you'll find that anything really specific (such as specific beauty images etc.) aren't on there, the good ones have been snaffled away by iStock themselves and are offered for sale on the same page as the free ones.

There are a few decent "generic" mood photos (like landscapes and flowers etc.) that are available for a license you can use (but read the small print on every single photo, some appear "free"- but you have to acknowledge the photographer on many of the good ones).

But if you're looking for stunning pictures of models, or hair and beauty images, you'll be disappointed. However, if you think laterally, or are after a "mood" image there are some good ones on there.

Very rarely anything good for free on the internet anymore these days! :)

With regards to resizing- 1024 x 768 is for the web, if you using them for a leaflet (like the OP suggests) then you don't want to do that, it'll probably make then unusable for print.

Most of the photos download as 300dpi- which is what you need for print, you can then resize to 72dpi if you want it for the web.

My OWN biggest advice if you're looking for free photos/images is to hassle your suppliers first! the majority of images/photos I've used recently have been supplied by suppliers (I've found that Sweet Squared are brilliant for this, I'm consistently impressed by them for it). The reason I ask people to do that is because if you purchase photos, it'd probably cost more than I'd charge to design a leaflet in the first place!
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I have changed the terminology - the site (established in 2001) plays on the term 'stock exchange' . I quote,
'giving people the chance to make contributions of their high resolution types of illustrations including photos freely without being charged or charging for their usage. All contributors to the site are given a chance to submit the materials they have in enhancing their own career in photography through the providence of a vast exposure to the public'.

'It is an ideal design resource and site offering the highest resolution of images out there including a number of photographs, royalty free, easily downloadable without being charged'

'Legal in this case is due to the fact that Xchng makes sure you understand the legal laws governing the usage of the image to make sure you do not get in to problems...... After you have accessed Stock Xchng, you will refrain from paying for something you are not supposed to or should not as per your own usage'.

The photos regularly change due to people constantly uploading images and so it's worth checking regularly.

Hope that is clear for everyone!
Sorry Extensionize (Carl), think we were both typing at the same time!!
Thanks for clarifying that. I knew what BP said was incorrect and so was checking the website info.
No worries :)

As I say, start with suppliers. One would imagine they'd be interested in giving you the means to sell as many of their products as possible! :)

Sweet Squared are usually good at this, most of the others are a bit more reticent, though I've no idea why.

p.s I know Emily does hair extensions mind you! Most of those companies really AREN'T forthcoming with photos, but you can only try!
I've used dreamstime for a lot of my images their prices are really good. I've topped u[ with the odd one or two from istock.

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