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Nov 11, 2013
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Hi I am qualified in level two and level 3 beauty and am looking to set up mobile doing mainly massage based treatments. I would like something to add to this and was thinking about taking a course in body wrap treatments. Can anyone recommend one and also if it is something which would work mobile based. My interests lie in health and fitness so I would love to do this treatment as it fits in with something I am passionate about.
I do them in-salon although I don't get asked for them much
Might pick up nearer holiday time.
Don't know if it would work mobile as you have to leave client relaxing for 1 hour. Unless you stipulate that they take another treatment (ie facial, reflexology ) so that you are not wasting an hour of your time sitting around their home.
I offer the Universal express contour wraps - low start up costs.
Did loads when I launched them and still do a few now they are at full price.
As they are the express wraps you just do the areas of concern, no measuring.
Fast to apply & remove.
I package in a 'free' treatment e.g. 1 area - free mini-mani, 2 areas - free mini facial, 3 areas - free facial.

obviously i cost in their free treatment within the the price!
Have a look at their website. Happy to send more info if you pm me.

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