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Jul 26, 2011
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For my level 5 management and leadership course - marketing

I have to prepare a SWOT analysis I have to back up any opportunities or threats with research or a reference.

I have stated that brows and lashes are a growing trend and are very fashionable particularly popular with the younger ladies.

I am having a hard time finding information to back this up.

Do anyone know or can anyone point me in the direction of an article or a website that they have recently read which says that lashes and brows are a growing service and are popular particularly with the younger ladies.

I have spent hours googling (and wishing if kept all my issues of pro beauty etc to have a look at)


Jemima :)
After all that I just found some info! Typical just as I decide to give punk come across some good info.

Jemima :)
For my Uni dissertation, I did surveys.. Why don't you give a selection of people from each age group a questionnaire on the area and that way you have your own research to back up your theory, as well as the other information? Good luck!!
Thanks that's a great idea! I think I will need some more research during my course anyway. Thank tou

Jemima :)

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