Which lash services should I research?


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So I’m booked onto “instant Lashes and Brows” with Capital next month and would like to do some research on pricing so I can be telling clients about it (I have one booking already! )
I’m a tad confused with what services I should be looking up and I get the feeling that some are the same but called different thing ie party/express (but I may be wrong there)
Can anyone help guide me what to research and what the differences are/longevity of different ways of doing lashes (not extensions obv - but I do have people asking and think this will be a nice compromise esp with the party season )

So in short what is and how long do these last:
Strip lashes
Party lashes
Bespoke lashes
And are individual lashes the same as drop in lashes and do you use these at the same time as party lashes to fill out more?

I’m sure all will be revealed on my course but I’d like to have a bit more knowledge just so I can warm people up nicely and give them a price guide as obv that’s one of their first questions. thank you x