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May 16, 2004
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UK-Milton Keynes
I have seen a lot of talk about creative products. I have never used them before but would like to know more does anyone have any contacts or samples? I would also like to know more about the gels if they do them.

Thanks you everyone jenny ****;)
hiya jenny
welcome to the board!
the best thing to do is phone designer nails on 0113 275 5719.
the are the u.k distributor for creative nail design.
i'm sure they will sent u a "try-me" kit. (liquid & powder)
i'm not sure that they have a try-me kit for the brisa gel yet, as it was only launched in march this year.
which produts have u used so far, and which systems r u trained in?
mayb you will b eligible to do a conversion course if you have a recognised certificate.

Im am doing my training in Creative products at the moment and i'm loving every minute of it... I'm training with Andrea in Bridgend... iv gota go back in two weeks.. I find the creative products are really fab and you cant get any better... I dont do the gel but i have seen them being done and there are fabulous results..

Thanks for your info, i qualified at college with VCTC they do not recommend products so I have had to do a lot of research myself. I use NSI acrylics at the moment and star nails gel.
Most places as long as you can show them a certificate will provide you with sample "try me" kits. I know you can get these from Creative, EZ Flow, NSI etc, so i would try a few to get the idea of what they are like. I know people that use EZ Flow, Star and Creative, so its finding what works for you.

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