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Aug 12, 2010
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south wales
I am looking at a new career as a beauty therapist, i haven't got any experience/qualifications at the moment, i would like to get qualified and then go on to work part time in a salon/hotel and then do bits and bobs mobile, around working, and i would like to set up my own website to help with advertising,

I can get some help up to £1000 for course fees or equipment, I'm just wondering what you would recommend,

do you have any advice on what is the best course to do, i can do one from my local college which is beauty therpay level 2 or should i do a quicker private course,

If anyone could give me some advice and let me know some tips, i would really appreciate it,

i dont really have anyone to ask and just wanted some info so i am well prepared.

any replies would be fab just to try and get things clear in my head and then i get moving,

Thank you reading

how long is the college course and what will be in the course?
i started at level 2 but this was in scotland i learned mani/pedi eye treatments make up application waxing facials and anatomay and physioligy then went on to level 3 that was mostly facial and body electrical treatments artifical nails massage and anat and phys. (bad spelling sorry)

personally i think going to college is better, i go on courses when i can to update my skills and learn new treatments like minx etc.

hope that helps

Hiya thank you for your reply, the college course is a vtct in beauty therapy level 2. the course includes make up, pedicure and manicure, eyelash and eyebrow shaping and tinting, waxing and continental facial.
The only trouble is the course is run from 9-4 mon - fri and i have 2 children i need to take and pick up from school, i am going in to see them tomorrow to see if they can be a bit flexible when you have children, if they cant im not sure what i am going to do,

I just really want to get sorted and get on a course so things can get moving,

how did you find the course? are you working now or mobile?


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