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Jan 30, 2007
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South Coast. UK
At the suggestion of a couple of clients I've decided to go on Instagram which is exciting except for the fact that I don't know what I'm doing lol

I've registered, snuck myself a nifty username (I think) as it's very very nearly my exact business name, and I understand I post pics?

Any tips as to how to use hashtags and best time of day to upload?

Also as I have a Facebook page (500 odd likes) is there any point in "finding" these people for Instagram as well, as they're already seeing what i put on FB and tbh a lot of it's going to be the same?

Any pointers welcome - thank you :) xx
I tend to hashtag our location and a few surrounding ones. Also hashtag the services you are doing and the companies whose products you use cos they may like it and repost it. Not sure about a good time to post, prob evenings! I think it's better than fb for displaying work as it's easy to scroll through the pics but no idea if it's effective at getting new business, I just think you have to do all the social networking you can if your a business as people now expect you to have all those things!
#beautyblogger gets a lot of interest and likes on your photos which then looks good to your customers! Best time of day to post is 7am and 5pm, this is when people are too and from work having a little snoop on all social networking sites! Sundays at around 7pm seems good for me too!
Posting first thing in the morning and also early evening are best as that's when most people are scrolling through their news feed!
Thank you!! Getting nervous! Going to a school awards thing tonight so think I will start tomorrow.

Should I caption each photo or is that just annoying?
I dont tend to get customers from instagram. Most of my followers are other hairdressers or people that arnt even in my country but it does look good when you have loads of follower. Best way i have found (to get people from your own area) is to search your city and click on location this is everyone who has posted in your city. Then simply go through and like them all. People like lookong at who has liked there pics. Just dont do it to fast or else instagram will stop you liking pics for a few minite because you have liked to many too quick. Hope this all makes sense x
That's great thanks :)

So ... Where do I put the hashtags? In the bit that says write a caption?

And do I share to followers (don't have any yet) or direct? If direct, does that mean my photos can be found through the hashtags?

Sorry for all the questions! I really appreciate the replies xx
Just share to followers. Direct is like a personal message.
Always write a caption & hashtag to your hearts content! The more hashtags the more exposure you'll get, if you go on kindle (you can get the app on any device) download a free book on it that's how I learnt :)

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