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Feb 9, 2022
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Hi everyone. Could anyone recommend a good insurance company to use please? I'm going to start a business carrying out electrolysis (hair removal and blemish removal) and would appreciate it if you'd let me know of any insurance companies in the UK that you've used and found are good to work with. If anyone is willing to give me a ballpark figure of how much I should be paying, that would be fantastic (I won't be employing any staff, it'll only be me working for myself there). Thank you.
If you are currently trading in all of the listed disciplines and are adding to your treatment menu Advanced Electrolysis, why not ask your current insurers to update your policy?

Whenever I have added something new that I have trained in I send my certificate as proof and they amend my policy accordingly.
I am with the FHT and couldn't break down the electrolysis element sorry.
I do pay a professional membership fee and insurance fee which are tailored for my needs so I couldn't say what your costs would be.

Start looking at other posts about insurers and I am sure you'll find the right fit for your situation. However, do try your current provider first if that applies.
Hi RosieR. Thank you for your reply, it was very helpful.
I use Balens. I have a real mix of therapies ( massage, hot stone, facials and even acupuncture and cosmetic acupuncture) It costs me about £115 a year.
Hello Hazelb. Thank you for responding.

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