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Mar 21, 2010
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hi geeks
im just about to rent a room on saturdays only for 30.00 a day can anyone tell me if this is a good offer? as well as that can anyone tell me if i would be on the shops insurance or will i have to get my own and if i do can anyone tell me where is the cheapest thanks:D and wish me luck if it all goes to plan
I think you should really ask the owner this as different places run differently , I have a room I'm self employed I have my own insurance and I have added extra to it to insure my products ,
The cheapest is not really an option the most reliable is what you should really be looking for ,
I am with the guild , Beauty Guild : Membership - Beauty Guild
Hi.. i would ask the owner if you are included on the shop insurance, but would think you would need your own anyway, being self employed.

I too was looking at all the insurance options recently as am setting up a home salon. I decided to go with The Guild, for membership and insurance, due to reputation and reliability not cost. Am very pleased with the service given.

Good luck...

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