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Apr 18, 2012
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Having looked on the internet and contacted a couple of IPL manufactures it seems that anyone can train to use an IPL machine without any previous medical/beauty experience. Does anyone know if this is actually the case? Seems a bit odd that any 'Joe' could do a course for a week and then start treating clients if they had the funds to start a business.
Not here in Wales - we are just going through registration with the Health Inspectorate Wales and believe me, it's a rigorous process that costs time, money and experience.

And so it should be really, I was amazed that you no longer had to be registered with the Care Commission (are they still called that?) in England.

You will need to complete a Core of Knowledge course & I believe pass the manufacturers training, I don't think think there are any manufacturers that will train you without evaluating your competence. Having said that I have seen companies that provide a dvd for training- which is quite worrying.
Allow regulation has finished in England with the quality care commission your local authority might have a registration process. It's different everywhere- which really is a pain.
Thanks. Just was curious and it seems really concerning that there isn't more required and not just for this treatment but others too.

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