Is a Fuminator enough?


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May 8, 2003
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West Midlands
Hi everyone....Im hoping for some help here and this is the stop I usually get off at for help! ;)

Up until recently I offered only Fabric# and gel. I had never fancied l&p well....thats what I had convinced myself.....I think it was more "thats difficult lets not do it!"
I decided to "go for it"....... and booked a FDFC at Birmingham with the lovely lovely Jane Cook.
Retention+ is just soooo super!

I only rent a small room with no window and although this room is upstairs, only the front room of the building has windows!.......another trade rents the front part of the building and they do open the windows so I do get a small proportion of ventilation. It is only a little though
I have invested in a Fuminator which I intend to position on my desk....... I have metal bins for all it nail or beauty waste......
But I still havent offered l&P yet as Im so concerned that this is still a distinct lack of ventilation/extraction.

I so want to offer all services and although some of you that know me (Glorsclaws and CMYnails....are ya there!?) may think its the courage thing.....(suspect your right! :oops: ) I think its more to do with safety really thats preventing me from getting "stuck in" with the l&p. :(

What do you think? :?:
Any helpful/critical...... well any sort of input will be gratefully digested before I make any decisions!
Thanx in advance!
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