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lady R

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Jul 29, 2008
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Hi all,

I need advice, I own a hair and beauty salon, have done for 4 years, when i took it over originally it made about £15k since then i have quadrupled that. Due to events too long winded to go into but not as a result of anything I did - check out the news at the mo regarding RBS small business scandal - I ended up in an IVA rather than have the bank try and sell my business.

Anyway business is booming i have 4 self employed staff full diary but due to the iva the little i earn (200 a month) is taken by them.
Im fed up of having no money and this will last another 4 years.

So do I sell up and clear the IVA get a paid job and forget the business owner route??

please help x
Sorry, I don't understand. Are you making 60k a year or 2400 a year? If it's the former, then just pay off the iva, if it's the latter, then it's really not worth staying in business for 200 a month.

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