Is it worth taking your salon online?


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Jul 27, 2005
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Hi everyone,
Just wondering what the title says really..... My wee salon is doing great at the minute (touch wood!) and I an thinking about how i can take it to the next level.
I know the Internet is the way forward and I was thinking about opening a shop department in the salon's existing website. The shop would offer all we sell in the salon, gift voichers, plus other lines that we don't carry as they probably wouldn't sell quickly in the salon itself.

I just don't know how feasible the idea is though, as all my clients come from one main geographic area and it would be just as easy to nip into the salon to purchase their products than buy online. Do you think it's possible to take the salon to a national level with a website shop??

Would be so interested to hear ur thoughts on this one geeks.
I don't think that you will make much money from going national, (unless they are your own branded products - the maybe!!) there are a lot of websites that already offer these products and are making a lot from it, therefore can lower their prices and offer free shipping etc.

Selling gift vouchers sounds like a good idea! Maybe also a few gift ideas - bundles of products packaged and sent as gifts?

I think it is a good idea, I'm guessing that you already have the stock etc, so your outlay will only be the website? If it is then I think its worth a go, retail sakes really boost income so if you can get it from external sources and have the time to look after the sale I thnk it could be great!!
I would say it would be fantastic for vouchers and for offering "packages" e.g. bridal pamper packages, mothers day packages etc. I can't see it making too much money product wise unless you put a lot of effort into advertising the site to pull custom in.

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