Is there a Gellux colour thread?


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Oct 20, 2011
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Basically what title says is there a thread that has gellux colours/nail art etc anywhere?

If there is could you add the link or message please!

Thanks xx
anyone know any good ones?
I don't think there is! what is it your looking for though if you don't mind me asking? As I do Gellux xx
Sorry to jump on the tread but ild be inrerested to. Im restarting soon and need to add to my colours and need some inspiration on colours. Any that are more popular than others and are there any new ones coming out any time soon x

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The most popular ones people ask me for are -

Blueberry crush
Magenta sparkle
Ocean coral
Pink violets
Lychee martini ( instead of normal French manicure pink this one is sparkley )

There is a new metallic range out about a month ago I have only tried two out of the six but they are lovely

I would definatly invest in

Silver crystal
Gold rush

As these can be used as a nice glitter top layer over any colour

Hope this helps 😄

Laura 🐶 x
My most popular is definitely Hawaii hibiscus xx
Lovley :) thanks ladies. Love getting new colours! x Can I ask where you find best to order from as I cant find the new metalics range with my current supplier?

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I get all mine from capital hair and beauty x

Laura 🐶 x
Thank you. Looking foward to a bit of a stock up x

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Basically wanted a thread like the shellac ones that's show

Colours in peoples nail
Nail art with gellux
Any layering if can be done
And popular colours
I used to ude gellux. Here's some I have done x

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