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Buttercup Honey

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Feb 8, 2011
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Just wondering when u come across a client who you just have a feeling is going to be more trouble than she's worth(as we all do). How do you politely say no thankyou? :)
I had to do it last week as I had a gut feeling this person was going to be hard work. She gave out too much about her last hairdresser, had her 5 year olds hair straightened to within an inch of it's life, went on and on about so many colours shed had and none right.
It wS also too far for me to travel although only realised this when I got there.
Anyway, I declined to do it. Said she be better going back to her hairdresser that has done it last few times and is getting to know her hair etc etc
She said shed call and let me know how she gets on!
Do u just keep saying "I'm busy"?
I don't do hair but I get clients haggling prices and say such and such is cheaper etc at first I considered price matching but decided I wasn't having it and say I can't compete with cheap prices and recommend they stay with the previous professional (I do aesthetics) . I have body dysmorphic clients who complain constantly about previous treatments from others , those I gently guide away explaining I can't give them the results they want, one client was appalling that I just threw out salon refusing to treat her, that's another story. I mainly undersell and over deliver on results so my clients seem mainly happy. When I first started out I would accept most difficult clients but now I'm established with a good client base I'm far more particular. Some are very sensitive so fluffy excuses work well others you can talk frankly to and just explain they can't have what they want from your treatments. I always have the " you now need surgical intervention" get out option. Mind you I was considering a very small sign " god works miracles, god doesn't work here!" but haven't had the guts to put it up Lololol.
An incompatibility test seems to do the trick if they are after miracles with colour ;-) x x
'God works miracles,god doesn't work here'

love it! :)

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