I've taken the plunge..with Essential Nails!


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Sep 5, 2010
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Hey everyone,
ive just bought an online course from essential nails (Spa Manicure Pedicure Course Foot Spa Assessment Options..to be precise!)
i want to become mobile and am hoping this course will give me the basic skills i will need for starters.
just wondered if any of you had taken this specific course?and if so,how was it?useful?rubbish?waste of money???:irked:
my confidence is pretty low at the mo as i havent done anything like this before and am hoping i will be good enough!..i work in a boring 9-5 office job and wanted a complete change and fingers crossed this is where it will begin!x
If you check in Groups, there is a social group specifically for Essentail Nails geeks - lots of helpful advice in there.
Hi Meg - do come and join the group :) Can't help with that specific course but am also an EN trainee and loving it xx
thanks you two!joined the group and looks perfect!xx
hi i took the gel course i have now completed my vctc at college and work in a nail salon !!! it worked for me but it was only the start ..

good luck with it x

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