Jammed Finger is bleeding/swollen


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I'm in need of some hope/advice here.

I wear acrylic nails. I always have them done AS SHORT as physically possible. This being said, I was about a week after my last appointment. I was moving furniture. Heavy, quite solid furniture. My hand slipped and I jammed my pinky (right/main hand). At first I thought I had just jammed it badly, then I noticed blood was coming from both sides and the end tip.
The bleeding stopped fairly quickly. I've followed all the advice I've managed to scour off the internets. It's been about 5-6 days since I jammed it, I've left the nail alone under a bandage (loosely on). I don't believe it's infected. I guess my problem/worry is: I can feel the nail isn't 100% attached to me, however the acrylic nail is very much attached to the real nail. I cannot see how much is attached, or how much to cut off, I cannot see what's going on under there. Also: my finger is swollen. I'd call it very swollen. Not too tender, but it does throb every once and awhile.
I don't have health insurance, I'd like to avoid any unnecessary DR/ER visits.

What should I do? Should I be worried? Halp!
Sounds like your nail has ripped up from the bed, try some Epsom salt water and soak for swelling, if you find anything, pus oozing out from under nail etc, I'd go to dr and don't soak it. Your nail may fall off, my husband has done this several times, it grows back, he smacks his fingers with hammers and such working. As for the acrylic, it's a waiting game :)
When it throbs raise it above your head instant relief. I'm not a dr so it's just my opinion 😉
Oh no! This sounds painful, sounds lime ur doing the right thing, keep it clean and wait for the wound under the nail to heal, if it's stopped bleeding and been 5-6 days it prob suggests it's healed. When it feels ready soak it off with acetone as you don't need the exftra weight of the enhancement making it more unstable. When it's off gently trim your damaged nail and gently nurse your new nail back to life, hope this helps x
If your finger is still swollen I would not put it in acetone 😁😁