Jessica Geleration or Gelish?


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Jan 17, 2012
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I've spent many months considering which gel/power polish to take on. I ive managed to take it down to two.

I will be a mobile therapist.

I've worked with Jessica for many years and love everything about them however I have found that Gelish is more popular.

Does any of you lovely ladies have experience of both brands.

Many thanks for reading.

Pauline x
I'd go with Gelish x
I too have been a Jessica therapist for a long time. (14 years to be precise!) So for me it was a no brainer when the gel-polishes came out. I straight away went with geleration and wouldn't have it any other way. I love it and so do my clients and I can also retail the same colours as the gel polish so they can either touch up or do their own toes etc. geleration isn't the cheapest out there but I do believe you get what you pay for!
Same as above it's brilliant people round about us are using others will not name, but not really heard much good, not sure if its tech ir product! Our clients love it n keep coming back bringing friends too! Geleration all the way for me ... Hope this helps oh n the price has just dropped which is even better xxx
I think this is a tough choice. Gelish is the more known product and certainly the color selection is wonderful. But Jessica Geleration is the product of a very well-respected brand (by professionals if not among consumers). And Geleration's range of colors is almost as broad as Gelish. I think the ability to have matching RNP to retail is a distinct advantage that Geleration has over Gelish. If you already have a good customer relationship with Jessica and a client base that loves it, then you should go with Geleration.
Thank You ladies for some great answers. Im surprised, Gelish didn't get more votes.

I do love Jessica. One thing is though, I currently don't have a client base (new business).

I think it will be Jessica none the less.

Thanks again everyone

Pauline x