Jessica GELeration Peeling!


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Nov 8, 2009
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Hi sorry if this has been answered but i'm new to this and i've recently started doing GELerations manicures but i've had 5 sets that 1 or 2 fingers the product literally peeled off and u didnt need to soak off the rest? Anyone know what's causing this or is it jsut something im not doing rite?
Did you etch the natural nails first with a file ... I believe that this is the recommended method with the system for adhesion of the gel.
I know with system I use, you have to make sure the nail is completly dry before u apply product xxx

Hth x
I use Shellac and not geleration but a common theme in these products peeling away tends to be they are being applied too thick.

It is easy to go overboard with top coats as they are clear and we cant see them but they add to the thickness of the application.

Also the usual making sure the nail is prepped correctly and is completely free of oil is important.
Thanks for all your replies, I maybe applying the product too thick all right. Have been doing the prep fine.

Thanks again.

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