Jessica products anyone?


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Oct 3, 2007
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London, Ealing
Hello everyone!!
I just had a phone call from the local Jessica Nails rep (who i called over 6 weeks ago!) and have booked an appointment to see her and talk about opening an account with them.

Just wondering does anyone else do Jessica and if so is it a popular/good brand? Do clients tend to come back to buy the products?

I was sort of stumped earlier this year because i didnt know who to go with for manicures/pedicures/polishes etc?

Would any of you guys recommend the brand?

Any opinions would be great!
we use jessica at the salon where I work and they are popular as they treat the natural nails well.. Clients do like them but I must admit that I do prefer creative just for the simple fact that when i use creative polish it lasts longer. Talk to the rep about your concerns she will be happy to help.
Hi Lima,

I am a beauty therapist and not a nail tech and I use Jessica products as I only do natural manis and pedis. If you follow the routine that they teach you on your training a manicure should last at least a week, depending on how the client treats her nails you could at a push get a bit longer. I really like the products and the phenomen oil is great. Hope this helps, good luck
its common that reps and sooo slow to get back to you then lol

I enquired in March... i was sent a price list on 6th of april and a note saying local rep would contact me within a week.. and Ive only just got hold of her last week :(

I am after a mani/pedi range and was thinking between CND and Jessica but I didnt like the CND fragrance of the almond or earth set (ive not smelt others as they didnt have samples, but hoping to smell them when i go to shop in bournemouth) but im meeting jessica rep on wednesday too :D
Jessica is a nice range, but the polishes do go gloopy very quickly. We prefer OPI polishes. Although I have never tried CND.

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