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Carole Lindsay

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May 3, 2004
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Hi all. Just to let you know that i've just spoken to Jo and she's doing okay. She's a little sore (obviously!) but sounded pretty bright. Surgery went well but wont have any results of the analysis for a few days and wont see a consultant until Monday. If anybody wants details to send her a card then please feel free to send me a PM and i'll give them to you. I'll continue to keep you updated.
Hi carole dont no who JoJo is but have tried to keep up to date with the threads let her no we r all thinkin of her n to tke care n to look after herself
Hi all. Just got a text from JoJo saying that she's still alive and hopes to be going home tomorrow. Hope to speak to her in the next day or so and maybe she'll have some sort of test results by then.
Great news Carole - tell her we're all thinking of her!
Hi Carole

Don't know Jo, but sending her lots of healing thoughts and get well wishes from Spain. Have read the earlier threads, she's has a fantastic frame of mind...and what a brave and strong outlook! Get well soon Jo!


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