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Mar 18, 2009
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Norfolk, UK
Roll on Jubilee Weekend.
Events, Tans and nails. Busy busy busy, what have you guys and gals got on the menu for the festivities?

I am disappointed that there arent that many decent Jubilee type nail wraps out there,I have a stand at a family day and wanted to offer wraps at £5 or £6 but dont really want to waste minx. Ideally do a cheap and cheerful ( they would only really want them to last for the long weekend) percentage of the proceeds to go to a local charity so there really is hardly any profit,and then sell the fact that my usual products are of much higher quality, hand out gift vouchers offering discounted first treatment etc etc.

Everyone wants a tan. Yaay and nice nails for the holidays.

Really looking forward to the whole thing

Would love to know what you are doing and which ideas you have come up with for the next few days

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