Judopay? Anyone heard of it?


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Jan 23, 2012
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I have recieved an email from www.judopay.com It is a mobile payment company, the theory is great but always a bit jubious when it comes to card payments, so this is how its meant to work.

You sign up for £35 there no annual/ monthly fees afterwards.
A client has no cash and wants to pay by card but you dont have a machine.
You show them your card with your 6 digit code.
They call the number to judopay.
Put in their cards details and your code and Amount.
Once the transaction is done you both get a confirmation txt to say it has been paid. It is paid instantly.

Ive never heard of this, has anyone else, seems like a great way for mobile businesses as myself to take card payments with carrying round a mobile terminal.

My concern would be clients may not want to put their details into theit, it does say on the website once your details have been entered they are then encrypted so no-one can see them and use the details

Any thoughts?
I have been using Judo for 2 months now and not had a problem.

The only issue is getting clients used to the system as it's different.

I usually ask for the clients card and get them to give me their phone too so i can ring their payment through. Most of my clients prefer that i do this for them. Then they get a receipt on their phone for the payment, the payments then go to an online portal a bit like a paypal account then you transfer them to your bank.

Nobody has an issue with security, iI just explain that its a secure mobile payments system. If anyone is reluctant I just say all my clients use this its really good, and just explain there's no terminal so saving you the fee, enabling to keep your price affordable blah blah you get the picture lol...

Once i offer to put the payment through for them everybody agrees then once they have used it once they are used to it. i have only had one person refuse but they just went to the cash machine.
I had another look at this yesterday, so u pay 29p per transaction? And you can only transfer so much money and it takes 5 days before you get it? is that right?
Yes that's right and 5 days before you get your funds. Beware when your account is first set up it takes 21 days for your first payment to go through.

it is quite high - 29p per transaction and then 2.9% as well however I do not want to enter into a contract for a terminal right now so it suits me for now. when I change my phone contract I am going to look at getting an Iphone and you can get a device that plugs in then download an app and this acts as a terminal.
Sorry forgot to say if you transfer under £100 to your bank there is a £1 charge otherwise its free. I just wait until I have over £100 to transfer.
I've been using judopay for about 2 months. I've put about £1500 through and had over £600 charged back. The problem with judopay is that unlike every other credit card processor they do not require the customers pin number to complete a card transaction. Signing up for judopay was the biggest mistake I have made in my time in business, I've lost hundreds of pounds in cash, hundreds more pounds in stock and judopays support staff were rude and unhelpful. They are also a great deal more expensive in terms of transaction fees than many other providers. In the end I switched to another provider. The transaction fees were less than half what judopay were charging and the chip and pin machine costs less than £20 a month.
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It sounds like there's lots of fee's. Sign up fee. £1.00 if below £100 transfer. 29p a transaction + %. 21 days to get your first lot of money? Why should it be in there account earning interest rather than yours? and as there is no merchant account you have practically no come back to chargebacks if they occur. You have to fight it at the best of times but at least with a merchant account you can provide evidence etc and they can take the client on for fraudulent chargeback if you have a case.

I can see how it fits purpose but might be worth people looking into iZettle, WorldPay, Mobile Terminal or a MOTO gateway which is web based. This way you can e-mail people a link they can pay online securely with debit card or if you carry your iPad/iPhone/Smartphone with you, you can just open it on your phone and client can enter card details and process it then and there. 3 days to get to your account. Should pay about £10.00 a month and no transaction fee for around first 300 transactions.

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