Just found a new website with nail demos!


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emma m

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Aug 10, 2004
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pontefract west yorkshire
I have just found this on the young nails website so i thought i would share it with you all. sorry if you have already seen it, it may interest some geeks on here!:hug:
Nail Academy Home - Welcome
thats really good, thank you for that chic:hug:
:) great thanks alot chicky :hug:
have seen it before, but thanks for putting it up, my only concern for sites like this is that sometimes the only way I have learned is by my instructor taking my brush and my hand and making me move in the correct way to do what needs doing.
Was that at all clear:)
But it looks like good stuff and I think that a lot of techs will get a lot out of this site
Thanks for this link, will have a better look later x
Am I doing something wrong cos I can't see any demo's? Went to "Demonstrations" and all I got was a load of boxes showing very little! Don't you have to subscribe to be able to see them? :o:o probably misunderstood the thread
I think for full access you have to become a member, they have an offer on of £50 if you register before the end of september

take a look at this link for info -

Nail Academy Membership Area


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