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Mar 15, 2013
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Do you ever get those days when you just need a bloody good cry? Well today is one of those days for me. My 'ex' partner left today, moved to Ipswich. And just left, he left me and our daughter, it literally won't sink in. All I keep thinking is he's gone, I'm on my own now, with our Little Princess. She is just so perfect and beautiful and I can't believe he left her and just walked away. We both knew it was coming and that today would be the day he'd start a new life down there. I guess I just don't understand why...

I'm sorry for going on and know none of you geeks can answer for him I just needed to letoff some steam cause its literally eating away at me.


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I'm so sorry to read this! Hugs!

I know little as yet about beauty, but I have been through this myself, so I can identify completely. My ex husband left me and our 3 kids by EMAIL in 2007...all I can say is that you will feel empty, lost and confused, as well as hurting massively for your little girl - but it WILL be ok I promise! It's hard to know how someone can walk away from their child, but it didn't take long for me to realise that a man that could cause so much pain, was not worthy of our love and affection. We are strong, capable women and we can totally take the crap that life throws at us and overcome with flying colours!

Cry if you need to, I didn't for a long time, I tried to maintain normality as much as possible for my kids, but it sent me kinda nutso :/ let it all out and you'll feel better xxx
*hugs* Probably better of without dear...get the kettle on :)
I am so sorry to hear you are going through this :( HUGS
Like it was said already, you ARE strong and it will get easier with time. Try to maintain a normal schedule as best as you can and don't bad mouth his decision in front of your child. If you have family and friends, surround yourself with support from them. Keep your head up and this too shall pass, trust us :)
I had a thirty second sob this morning and then I stopped and went to see to my daughter, men can be so cruel :( xxxxx

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I'm so sorry your going through a tough time, but things will get better. Try to keep the head up and stay positive and focused on the good things in your life like your little girl-big hugs from here x
Thanks for all the kind replies, my 11 year old brother is babysitting me tonight so I can get through the first night ok so tomorrow will be harder, thbanks again ladies, head up I guess. Ha, least I am out of a controlling relationship I suppose, just needed a vent :( xxxx

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Sending you a big hug, men think completely different to women that's for sure, been where you are and it feels like everything has just come to a crashing stop, I found that thinking of all the sh**** things my ex did got me through it , and the fact my daughter gave me the biggest hug and said I will always have her, get a bar of chocolate glass of wine and get X factor on and curl up together with your little girl and brother and realise he wasn't worthy of you , and get all the girl will survive without men songs you can find and play them loud , take things one day at a time xxx
Not enough words except to say I've been there too. It seems like you will never come out the other side but you will. Allow yourself some time to feel sorry for yourself and don't fight it. One day soon you will wake up and realise you've survived it and be proud of yourself. Do all the things he prevented you from doing, it helps xx
Hugs, Hugs, Hugs to you. You don't know how strong you really are until you're actually through it and you can see that YOU DID IT. Your daughter will be the perfect motivation for you. You can manage and you will manage because YOU CAN DO IT. Terrible things happen to lovely people. In the past I've hung on to the fact that when you are at your absolute lowest, hang on, 'cos things will turn around and will get better. Same as me, you have your little girl and nothing is better than that, definitely no man is! When she is older, she will know what has happened and respect you greatly for it xxxx
Speaking from the child's perspective, as my dad moved out when I was four....kids are very resilient, your girl will fine I'm sure, bless her. I know it must be awful for you, I remember seeing my mum crying day after day and not knowing why, but I now have so much respect for her for how well she dealt with things, it will take time, but it will be okay eventually, you have the unconditional love of your daughter to help you, sending you lots of hugs! Xxxx
I'm not going to go into how, but I identify with your situation...

I just wanted to send well wishes and to say its not your fault, or your daughter's.

Today your daughter will be surrounded by the love of a parent who she can rely on 100%. Much better than someone who is capable of walking away from her life for their own selfish reasons.

Good luck! Don't be afraid to lean on your loved ones right now.


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My gosh!! Reading these replies made me cry, I really appreciate all the kind words of support from you all, it's funny how I can open up more online and receive so much Support, thanks so much everyone, I love my baby so much! I'll never let her down. Just a shame her dad let me down, and himself, he promised he'd love me forever :'( xxxxx

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Sending you lots of hugs xxx

It's his loss, he will be missing out on so much of yours and yours daughters lives.

Your a strong women and YOU CAN DO THIS!

Love & hugs

Leely x
The other girls have said it all but hugs from me too. My ex did the same to me 11 years ago and our son who was 3 years old. I became so strong after that - I know you might be feeling vulnerable at the moment but stay strong dsto23!! :hug:

I'm now re-married to an amazing guy who respects me! Please don't get down - you will survive and come out of this the better woman! xxx :)
I sort of know how you feel , but my partner dropped me off at work after taking our son to school,
He was in my car as i put him threw his lessons and test to make life easier for me, shared my car with him,
After he dropped me off at 9, 10 i had a message on my phone saying
Ive left and I've took all my stuff!

My mum and dad picked me up and took me home , he'd took most things he even took the t.v!!

It broke my heart and i felt like i couldn't even leave my bedroom!

Hed come round late at night just to make sure i had no one else there!
Was he serious??

You need to keep your head right up and every time you look in the mirror
Think your the bigger person and your the one who never give up and left x

Also remember he's probably thinking all kinds too x

What he doing about seeing your daughter?

Xx hope your ok and I'm sending you my love

I know you don't know me but if you need a gab message me :)
He just said he'll come up when he can and see her, I feel a bit better today if I'm honest, today being another day and all. I have a busy day today to keep my mind off things :( xxxxx

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I really feel for you but there is a wonderful future ahead for you and your little girl. Try to look at it as though you've got rid of the dead wood and you've left a space in your life for something or someone wonderful.:Love:
He just said he'll come up when he can and see her, I feel a bit better today if I'm honest, today being another day and all. I have a busy day today to keep my mind off things :( xxxxx

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Ipswich from were you are (from your profile ) is only about 2 hrs , id lay the law now and say set days x

Glad your feeling better today :)
Like others said your prob better off x
It took them 5 hours to get here and 5 on train too, I'm up near Newcastle xxxx

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