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May 4, 2010
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west midlands
I'm booked in for a children party in a couple of weeks what paper work do i need to have off the parent of the party girl?? do i need concent forms from all parents or not ? - just need advice of all paper work.

Also i have a wedding makeup comign up, the trial day soon and the wedding day a month later what paper work do i need for this ??

Thanks in advance
For the kids party I always get consent from the parents i use consultation forms and pass them onto the parents arranging the pamper party at the bottom in the notes i say permission for a child under sixteen to have a file and polish with basic nail art and also fill in the rest of the consultation form. Dont forget to get signatures from each parent/guardian and if no form and signature the child cant have a treatment.

With regard to the bridal makeup I would fill forms in at the consultation to include colours and a signature at the end to say the client is happy.

Hope this helps

Thankyou! - I was thinking along the lines of what you said . Thanx again x

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