Just sort of sacked a client


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Feb 28, 2012
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Hi Geeks
Mother asked me on Tues if I would do sons hair today said, I would be there half hour before her appointment she gets in from work at 5.
Turned up at 4.30 on the dot, no one in!!
Rings mother no answer so txt her, sit in car sweltering for 15 mins and Dad comes out, he was in BED lol mother had rung and woke him up.
Anyway turns out son has been a naughty boy so Dad not picked him up (he dont live with them).
This is not the first time its happened with the son and on a few occasions and I have ended up sitting in car for half hour.
On this and previous occasions they have never let me know their son would not be there.
After reading posts on here decided I had had enough of them messing me about and grew a pair,so basically in the nicest possible way told them I would not book him in again but if he was there and I had time to cut his hair I would but if not tough !!
They must have felt guilty and asked me to cut Dads hair, so I wasnt out of pocket and luckily they were my last appointments.
Feel really proud of myself lol..:biggrin:
Well done :) sometimes you just have to... people will respect you more if you show them they can't walk all over you! It doesn't have to be done in a rude way, but you've shown that being polite and firm can get you further than just grinning and bearing it.


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