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Mar 4, 2004
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Whiteley, Hampshire
Hi all

Just wanted to write a note to let you all know that I have just finished a 2 day Beginners Airbrushing Training course with K-Sa-Ra

I have never airbrushed before and i thoroughly enjoyed myself. I used the Iwata Smart Jet Pro Compresser , which is really really quiet, and Iwata Hp-B Airbrush, this was recommended by others before I went on the course and was really easy and nice to use.

The 2 days were great, the trainer (chocolate herself ! what a bonus !) was there helping us all the way, she spent a lot of time with us individually as well as together, there was lots of time for asking questions, never ending helpful hints and tips, tonnes of time for practicing, an ever expanding supply of example designs, and loads and loads of goodies to experiment with during the two days.

Everyone at K-Sa-Ra were all really friendly and helpful, so much so they let us use them as models for us to practice nail airbrushing and body art on so that we could have real life, real people experience !

I know now what Rachel (chocolate) meant when she said we'd be wanting to airbrush everything and anything that moved ! i can see this being truly addictive.

I love this already and will definately be encouraging all my clients (when I start) to sample and have the airbrushing as an "add on" service.

I am so glad that you enjoyed the course, i really enjoyed teaching you! Its great to teach someone who is so passionate about their work as me. :)

Your airbrushing was great, i cant believe you have never used a gun before. I told you my daughter charlie would be jealous of Abbys body tattoo, so you will have to come back and spray some hearts for her to! :lol:

I am gald you picked up some good hints on health and safety. I will write a post soon about the new accident record book law soon, so you can say you already know!

It was great to meet another geek and dont forget, the course did not end today, i will always be here if you need me. I look forward to a long, chatty, airbrushy and chocy friendship!

Love Rachel xx
P. S.

Phil said, ahhhhhhhh peace and quiet now, but he loves your accent! AND YOUR CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cheeky !!:D

chocolate said:
P. S.

Phil said, ahhhhhhhh peace and quiet now, but he loves your accent! AND YOUR CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just to let you know, your airbrushed nails on Rachel and Abby still look great, the body tattoo is slightly faded but thats due to the water fight we had!

I have 2 places left on the June course if anyone wants a 2-day FREE airbrush training course. The catch is you have to buy the kit! Better to be honest!
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