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Halls of Ivy

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Jan 23, 2010
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Romford Essex
Hi all,

Has anyone got any info on Karin Herzog products of set up costs x
Hi Ivy
I enquired with them a while ago. Had a really quick response and they sent some lovely full size samples, a little too expensive for me unfortunately as just starting out. Will pm you with info.
Hi i looked into these a while ago, they are quite pricey but the reviews do seem very positive(i spent hours looking for all sorts) They do say they have an initial start up package but i found they would pretty much bend over backwards to try and sort the right package for you. Unfortunately I hadnt got the available cash flow to take it on, and in hind sight im not sure that my clients would pay herzog prices. In regard to samples i was told that if i wanted to try any products then the cost of them would be refunded in my set up costs.

Please keep me posted if you do go down this route as i would love to hear some feedback from someone using it from a professional point of view. xx

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