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CND Shellac EA
Sep 7, 2011
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The west of Ireland
a friend of mine adopted a little girl from Ethiopia just before Christmas last year. now this little lady is the centre of their world. Jennifer fell and cut under her chin last week and had steri strips applied. she's grand but the mother is concerned about what she should be doing to help the mark heal. i though she could massage a little bio oil into the area .
now my question is do you have to take extra care with black skin to prevent keloid scars forming or is there any special advice or is there no difference between how you would care for a mark on white skin as opposed to black skin?
i am just wondering and am totally ignorant here so hope someone can help . thanks
Your not being paranoid that's a very good question :)

My lecturer told us about this and how to aid good healing but I am no way qualified to advise on the matter...

Would like to follow the post though to see what comes up.

Good luck, you and your friend sound like really caring people, that is so nice to hear :)

Lindsey x
Theres no way of preventing them, im white but have fair skin and i have one due to having a tb injection at school it just depends on how the skin heals, black skin and fair skin are prone to the scarring tissue, over time mine has gone completely flat but they can stay raised. I just use bio oil too :)

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