Kiehl's - Anyone?


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Vanilla Pod

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Jun 20, 2008
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Does anyone use Kiehl's on themselves or on clients, and if so would you class it as a high end product?:idea:
As far as I know the brand is just a sell to consumer brand and doesnt have a professional range (anyone feel free to correct if I am wrong)

It can be difficult to get hold of in some areas and although I adore some of the products if they dont have a professional range there is no financial reason at all to use it on your clients when you are paying full retail for small sizes. Often clients look for something to be used in their treatment that they cant get at a store, hence many of the big brands have a couple of 'professional only' secret products that they use in treatments and cant be purchased by clients.

If you are looking for a pro brand that isnt as widely used I know some therapists here use the Gerrards products with quite a lot of success and it isnt something you see in every salon window.

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