Kiss nail dress? Good or is there better items to buy?


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Holly Byers

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Nov 25, 2010
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Hello all, thanks for reading. Been doing nails now for years acrylic gel and shellac but want to add new things!
What do you advice and what about the 'kiss nail dress'?
Or is there other items that are better to get into?
Thanks all!
Hi Holly

Is there a reason why you've posted this question twice? If someone hasn't answered your original post you'd be better to bump that post up again rather than than keeping posting versions of the same question, which might annoy people. :)
They don't really seem like a professional item since anyone can get them at their local drug store. Why not offer Minx or Kooky if you want to offer nail wraps, professionally?
Sorry about two posts my iPad was playing up so must of done that.
Will remove ;)
I want to but just need to get all the correct equipment that isn't cheap (lamp etc) and wanted something cheaper but effective.
If people still advice minx will go for them ;)
Thanks loads
Kiss nail dress is the exact same packaging and patterns as dashing diva, fx. Even their websites look alike. Which led me to question dd, bc the store brand, kiss actually averages out cheaper than the professional discount. However, they did stay on well. (dd, I didn't try kiss)

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