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Sep 17, 2003
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Sorry im back with some more questions.

Ive been practising my L&P on my own nails ive just removed three because they had lifted my nail plate is tender just below the cuticle and sidewalls. :(

Could this be overexposure ratio to wet or filing i am careful not to file on natural nail but i only have this problem on my right hand which is harder to do when working on your own nails.

I need all the advice i can get as i want to perfect this system to be able to offer to my clients.

Cristine :)
Is it red, does it feel sensitive???Is the nail thinner around those areas???Tender to touch??
If it is a yes then it's over filing or buffing xxxxxxxx

You shouldn't have to do much filing and buffing around the cuticle area...... Thinner application...................But we all have been there lol........
It will grow out in time............

If it was over exposure the skin around the cuticles would be inflamed, so it sound likes "doing the other hand symptom"
No product should ever touch the skin...............

It does seem to be over filing when i applied the product i didnt leave much of a margin and did file that area but was careful not to touch the nail plate.

Would filing over the product and friction cause sore plates?

Still got a lot of practising to do but a bit nervous now dont want to do any more damage.

Thanks for your help again.

Cristine :)
Over filing will take reduce the layers on the natural nail and make it sore.......
you always have to leave a margin around the side walls and free edge......hence lifting.......product sticks to the skin and will come away after a day or so and then you will have lifting all around the cuticle area.........

Make the bead for zone 3 smaller............and apply it closer to to zone 2....as in very close and push and pull he product to place it........
Have you done the L&P course??? This would have been covered in this.......

happy learning

I know i should leave a margin but i was practising will be more careful next time.

I did conv course and learnt loads but do need to practise all the info you give me helps alot.


Cristine :)
Also your lifting problem might be that you are not doing enough baby presses once you have place your product correctly.

Also remember to scrub fresh each finger for at least 10 seconds and really scrub the nail plate. This helped my lifting problem.

Hope it helps

cristine said:
i didnt leave much of a margin and did file that area but was careful not to touch the nail plate.

That is the root cause of the lifting right there. Better to stay further away then get too close ;)
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