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Oct 18, 2007
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Hi guys...I have only learnt how to do 'tip n dip' and silk and fibreglass so far...I hope none of you are going to laugh at me when I ask what does L&p mean....:irked: hope it ain't a silly question and its something I should know already!
LIQUID AND POWDER......sometimes refered to just as 'acrylic'

hope that helps!
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh i c! thanks for that...x x x
What does tip and dip refer to please ive never heard of that?x
tip and dip is applying resin over the nail then dipping nail into acrylic powder rather than using liquid.. easy way! I think it's good for people just starting out.... like myself to use tip n dip to start with.. I want to learn sculptured nails once I get better at tip n dip.. but looks well hard! :irked: anyone know a good course for that system? x x x
Wow,never heard of this ,where did you learn this and what product do you use,doesnt it have alot of filing involved after ,i cant picture how you can get a perfect shape without alot of filing after youv dipped it?
i was trained with the nail training academy in nottingham,main products used after base work is resin and activator and acrylic powder...think im right....lol

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