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Jun 3, 2010
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After booking my training and having to cancel due to work, it was suggested to do the online trianing?
Has anyone done this?
I know its not on to one etc.
Just want to know if anyone has done it and passed, found it a good experiance?
I would be a little concerned with online training, how would you be able to get the hands on practice you needed? Xx
I know thats what was putting me off, but I beleive you have to do so many clients a bit like when I did my nails. My friend who is trained is being a model and said she would help me.
I know there is another geek who has done it, lets hope she reads.
I suppose if your going to put the practice in and you have a trained friend to help you and guide you in the right direction then it shouldn't be a problem, it's up to you though, I'm doing my tanning course tonight I can't wait! Just hope I don't look like an oompa loompa tomorrow lol x
Yes I know i shouldnt but ive been having a play with my machine and testing some solutions out while I wait to qualify. Only done my mum and the boyf (1st tan i did he was tangoed! He got slated at football ha) Since worked out what solution suits him!
I really enjoy it and cant wait to get going with it! Good luck with your course! let me know how it goes!x
Will do hun, I haven't bought a machine yet am waiting to see the advice etc on the course, of I had one I would be the same as you and playing with it lol xx

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