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How does everyone position their UV lamps if you've only got one? When I do my own nails I do one hand at a time so I have the lamp at one side of the table and when i've top coated and finished I move it to the other side to do the other hand. It would be a lot of faffing about though if I was doing a clients. Where does everyone have them? I'm going to get a second lamp when I do my Brisa conversion but that's a long way off. x
I have mine on the left hand side of the client and they criss cross their arms while I do each hand.

Sometimes if its an older client they have difficulty doing this though so 2 lamps would be amazing at this point.

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Do you not think it looks uncomfortable for the client? I was also thinking of doing this but I can imagine it being uncomfortable having to cross your arms over. I've heard people putting the lamp in the middle and doing the clients other hand on top of the lamp but this also looks uncomfortable to me :/ I can't wait to get a second lamp!! lol xx
I have 2 lamps but there isn't enough room for me to be having 2 lamps out all the time. I do as the above post says and I position it to the clients left and they cross their arm under or over. No one has ever said they're uncomfortable when I've asked x
No one has said to me its uncomfortable. They can move the lamp to suit them

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I put my 18g led comfortably in front on the client x


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I have one lamp to my clients left and it doesn't cause a problem. Sometimes I readjust its angle for comfort when they cross over and to make sure their hand is positioned correctly for a full cure. They're only in there for 2 mins anyway, so it's not a prolonged time. Personally I wouldn't switch the lamp over to the other side, firstly I haven't got the room and secondly even if i did im a clumsy moo at the best of times, I'd be knocking bottles and goodness knows what everywhere :D Just remember that the arm/hand you're polishing comes over the hand/arm that's in the lamp. :) xxx

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Thanks for the replies everyone I'll put my lamp to the left and see how I get on :) xx

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I put my lamp in the centre and my clients use it as a rest whilst I'm painting, it's the gelish 18g xx


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I put my lamp in the centre and my clients use it as a rest whilst I'm painting, it's the gelish 18g xx
I too do this with my CND lamp ... I place a towel folded over it as a hand rest with buttons showing for me to use (
Saves the criss cross hand as had some clients knock them when it was to the side of my mani table ... <3
That's really interesting! I may try out putting it in the middle as a kind of rest!

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I put my 18g in the middle. It has a hand rest so it's comfortable for the client to rest their hand on while I'm painting xx


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I presently have mine to my left, obviously facing them. As others have said I change the angle sometimes for comfort.

I've been doing nails including gels for 10 years and have NEVER had anybody say crossing their arms was uncomfortable!
I have two lamps. I love it and clients always comment on how much more comfortable it is. Although when I did have just the one, I put it to the clients left and no one ever complained about it being uncomfortable xx

I have two but don't always use two, I move it from side to side to stop the crisscross x
I have been looking for a nail table that has a shelf underneath in the centre so I can store the lamp the that way there would be no crossing over of the arms. So hard to find one with plenty storage though!!!