Lash and brow tint course...worth it?


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Dec 6, 2011
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Basically I'm thinking of doing a eyelash and brow tinting course. Do you find you get many clients book in for these treatments? ATM I only offer spray tanning and hair services. I'm hoping to do makeup in the future so hoping this will all help aswell. What do you think? Xxx
Definitely. It's one of my most popular treatments after nails. I would say though, look into a waxing course or a course that offers tinting aswell as how to shape the brow etc. 99% of my clients want the brow waxing and shaping after a brow tint xxx
I am wanting to do a tinting course too. As my main treatment is eyelash extensions. But just wanted to know of any better courses if any is better and beneficial than others!! Amy advise on this would be fab. Also thinking of threading as hair removal wanted to know if it was beneficial to many?? I get asked for eyebrows all the time!! X
these tinting sevices are great the basics allways make you the money but when people have an eyebrow tint 99% of my clients follow with an eyebrow shape and wax to futher enhance the service and waxing after tinting removes stray tint and cleans up your work

id recommend offering all eye treatments ie

eyebrow tint
eyelash tine
eyelash extensions
eyebrow waxing and shaping and threading

you can create a all about eyes treatment that clients love:lol:
It would be a perfect addition to your business especially if you are planning on bringing in make up services too.

I only do nails and brow/lash services and it does me well enough :)

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