Lash and brow tinting course cancelled again!


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Apr 25, 2012
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I keep trying to do the lash and brow tint course through Salon Services and have people waiting for treatment but it's been moved again after the last one was cancelled!!!!!

Any good courses for this that people know of coming soon in north west uk? I checked the dates on here but haven't found one soon or close enough!

Thanks in advance :)
Is there a capital near u Hun? You can check website for course dates xx
Capital? I may be being stupid but is that a training school? I live in the lakes and there doesn't seem to be a lot available unless you do a full beauty course, which now seems a big expense because I've already done massive parts of the training! I just want to do the tinting and I keep getting held back.
how far are you willing to travel?
Roughly 2 hours. So Lancaster, Kendal, Preston, morecambe, Blackpool etc
Roughly 2 hours. So Lancaster, Kendal, Preston, morecambe, Blackpool etc
Capital is a whole sales, they do all sorts of courses So do Sally's, now I know a lot of peeps will have a lot to say about one day courses, but seriously lash & brow tinting is a very easy service to learn, even at college we only took a couple of lessens to learn this.
Anyway back to you:D I'm sure that the bigger towns like blackpool will have a Capital or a Sally's or some such generic beauty whole sales
Good luck x
What about NSI in Salford. I've done a few of their courses now and they have a good selection.
I will look into all your suggestions and I really appreciate them thanks :)

Julie Wilding (Joe90) does a lash and brow tinting course, the cost includes a kit.

She is based in the North West.

I have done 2 courses with Julie and found the training excellent, she's very thorough and doesn't rush through things. In fact lash and brow tinting is going to be my next course :D

Send her a PM through Salon Geek for more information.

Hth, Carole x
Just do a search on Bing or something?
I am wanting a tinting course too. Any advice fron anyone would be great I am in Lincolnshire. Need a course local ish. :) xx

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