Lash Bomb lift not working


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Nov 2, 2011
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Lash bomb not giving the best lift (compared to previous brands I’ve used), any recommendations for a dramatic lift?

I...Cleanse with oil free cleanser. Adhere lashes to shield. No1 to 1/3 of lashes (roots) 10 mins. Remove dry bud. No2 in same place 6 mins. Remove dry bud. Tint. No3. No water contact on the eyes or lashes during or for 24-48 hrs. Thank you!
Hi hun try no.1 for 12 mins and no.2 for 7 to 8 mins
What size shields are you using? I tend to use the small shield on everyone, as this gives the best look and is really noticeable!
Also, is the product new or has it been sat during lock down?
Having the same issue. Using correct shield size. Been doing lifts for over 10 years, this brand doesn't seem to hold the curl and I am leaving it on for 8 minutes. I don't want to leave it on too long and damage the lashes, but it is so subtle of a lift that I may have to switch brands. Does anyone use plastic over the top while processing? This is the only barnd I have used that says not to and its the only brand I have used that does not work well...
Is this beautiful brows lash bomb lash lift... I don't think the product is as good as it used to be 4 years ago. . I'm using the new express lift sachets where number two is tint and neutralise in one go, The results have been pretty good. But lashes don't seem to lift as well as they used to and I have to use the sachets for longer.
Never had any problem. The longest step 1 was 4.5 min second 3.5 fallow with tint ant step 3..
Hold curl till lash fall off.

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