Lashes client makes me quake!


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Aug 12, 2010
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Newcastle upon Tyne
Ok geeks, so I have a client who's started coming in for cluster lashes amongst other things. She's great, a really really nice woman but she has the most god damned awful lashes!!

I've successfully put lashes on a fair few clients now but this one is just driving me crazy, we can't get them to last more than a day or so, they just 'fall off' and I feel like crap for her. Her natural lashes are short, but not microscopic, she has one watery eye and her eyes are quite deep set.

I'm still quite gentle and a bit nervy about getting glue in eyes or eyes stuck together so tend to under play the amount of glue needed quite possibly and I know I need to get over this.

But, while I'm conquering that, do any of you lovely geeks have any hints for me as to how I can get the best position and best result for her given her eyes and lashes? She's going on holiday tomorrow for a long weekend break and I soooooo want them to last for her - and for my own sanity and self confidence!

I hope that makes sense!!!