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Amy Kelly

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Nov 18, 2015
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Isle of Man
Im having a launch party in my new beauty room,its in a community centre so Ill be using the hall and showing them around the beauty room too. Just wondering what ideas you all have or did for a launch party?
I'll have food, alcohol, drinks, balloons, candles etc. just wondering what demos to do or activities ... I don't want it to be boring haha! X
There is tons of launch nights on here, have look on the search facility, but check with your local council regarding alcohol. Most insist on an alcohol licence, even if giving it away
People always love a free taster although you have to be careful it doesn't cost you too much! Are you on your own or do you have colleagues who would help with giving demos? Trouble with beauty, it's so personal you can't just get a out and do a leg wax! I've found hand massage, scalp massage goes down well. Will you be running promotions where they book on the night to get free extras? Get someone in who can take photos, you could put these on your website, facebook page. You could get local press to do an article in return for free treatment. People love seeing their photos in the local paper.

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