Left with huge dark roots


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Jul 24, 2013
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I've been going blonde for a two months now, I just got my second full head highlights and low lights and I love the colour and intend of giving it one more go before I'm happy with my colour

Issue is when i tie my hair up I have a huge dark root and under every layer of hair there is a massive root even at the top of my head I have a root.

What can I tell her to do to solve this? Or is this normal?
Can you post a picture? By roots do you mean like regrowth? Foils aren't intended to go all the way down to the scalp, but they should be close enough that you don't feel like you've got roots.
Yes, sorry regrowth from my foiling session that doesn't look it had been touched this time. This is photo of my minimal regrowth, my regrowth on top is worse which I will post a picture.
Is there a service I can ask my hairdresser in order to avoid these big dark chucks after being highlighted? ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1379767915.696720.jpg
Sometimes when you get foils done some hairdressers scatter foils through so all your hair isn't getting highlighted. Maybe ask her next time if she can put more foils through? X
Ask your HD to put more foils thru. Xx
You will still see roots unless you get a solid blonde ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1379847384.864345.jpg not like this ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1379847429.238022.jpg
It looks like your hairdresser has foiled through there although they are very spaced out. Did you used to have a solid tint?

There are a few things that will cause that. Not enough foils/inconsistent spacing. While retouching the regrowth, overlapping on already coloured hair will give a colour band outside the regrowth area. Or foils over a previous lighter time with out low lighting to give consistency of colour down the hair shaft.

Ask for more foils, closer together.
Yea looks asif they have just been scattered. Just ask her next time to pack them in :)

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